Reinventing Summer

This summer is not like any other, but it is real, and it is here. We cannot afford to loose it. Not being able to do the exact things we did last year, does not mean we should not do anything. Finding new ways to spend the warm days is the current direction; finding new ways to structure days, to do things, to let go of the old, and reshape ourselves.


My White Reflection



He was the biggest illusion of my life

Someone I so desperately wanted to be

Someone I never could be

Only I already was

Without knowing.

He was my deepest reflection

My hope for myself

Myself that drowned

And needed air

He showed my deepest desire

He was me.


***Please note, this photo is an artistic expression only. I did not jump off the cliff and do not recommend it to anyone.

Who Am I?

Deepak Chopra said we need to ask ourselves every day “Who am I?”. Who you are at the core is not a label. It is not your profession, status, level of success, gender, or a current role you’re playing, such as wife, daughter, etc. Who we are is beyond that. We are the essence of existence and creation.  Read More



This photograph represents the craziness of life and how we float through it in whichever way we can and know.