Who Am I?

Deepak Chopra said we need to ask ourselves every day “Who am I?”. Who you are at the core is not a label. It is not your profession, status, level of success, gender, or a current role you’re playing, such as wife, daughter, etc. Who we are is beyond that. We are the essence of existence and creation. 

   I found when I travel, the accustomed label-identity fades away, because when you are in a foreign land you can appear to be anyone. No one knows you as a mother, or a teacher, or a pizza delivery boy. You are just you, at that moment. Away from familiarity and illusion of safety that is based around same familiarity, you’re just there, open and vulnerable, and free of identification by which you define yourself, away from people who also define you. The same moments can be experienced when first woken up, before remembering who you are as a label. 

   Asking yourself “Who am I? is reaching beyond the everyday labels we attach to ourselves and into the field of creativity and unlimited potentiality. At this time it is ever more important to ask who we are down at the core, rather than on the surface.

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