I can Hear my own thoughts

Writing in my journal, having a cup of tea and listening to my thoughts – I am able to actually hear them, spaced out and chill, not fighting with each other and jumping out of my head.

Through The Lens Of Life

As I’m reading about center-focused exposure feature of my camera I can’t help but make a connection with real life. Center focused metering setting is just what it sounds like – a camera chooses the center of an image to calculate exposure, or light, that will be reflected in the entire photograph. Do we do something similar in our personal life? Do we “calculate”, judge, and project our life based on what’s in the immediate center of it, oftentimes blind to the entire picture? Perhaps because it’s simply outside our focus range? Another metering setting is called Matrix. With Matrix a camera takes the entire frame into consideration when calculating light. Can we project life in a similar way, seeing the entire picture that fills our frame of life and not just its center? Can we go even farther and see beyond the limits of framing? All 360 degrees?


According to Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (TheMinimalists.com) there are 5 most important areas in our life that comprise a meaningful life: Read More


Sometimes you just need a little color.

Boston Gates

To shut the door to the outside noise may be the hardest thing, as the world pulls you ferociously in many directions. But once you shut it it will become quiet. Then you can hear your own world – yourself. Read More


Sometimes my mind wanders so far
I wonder if it will ever come back.

But then it does
When I see your face.


Breathing and living
in the moment.
Unencumbered and unaffected.
Alone, but not lonely.
Shanti. Read More



This photograph represents the craziness of life and how we float through it in whichever way we can and know.

Traveling Feet