Power Of Journaling

I started journaling about a year ago and have found tremendous value in it. I recommend writing every day because it helps understand what you’re feeling and what thoughts run through your mind. It also helps to brainstorm ideas and to reflect on your mood and possibly figure out why you feel the way you feel. First, write down honestly how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking without sugarcoating. Then ask yourself why you feel or think that, and try to answer honestly. You may find that the reasons may be very different than appeared to you at first. You may be surprised that once you start writing it will be hard to stop. It’s like yanking out feelings and thoughts from the depth of your subconscious, removing them from your head and placing on paper. If you’re brutally honest with your journal it can feel almost like talking to a therapist. Because you can tell it everything. When you understand yourself better you can approach any situation you’re in with a new perspective and new ideas about how to go about it and in which direction you want to move. Just make sure to keep your journal safe from anyone’s eye and it can become your very private friend:)