This is a first year since 2007 that I celebrated a big holiday alone. I chose to. I didn’t feel sad or left out how it is indicated by society one is supposed to feel. It was a warm and peaceful evening and I walked around the park by the water. There were quite a few people there, also not celebrating at home. The moon was bright white and for the first time in this area I saw large fish swimming in the water, circling in school, and jumping out (to catch bugs?). A bunch of kids were playing soccer. A baseball field was lit up bright and illuminated the whole park. There were people sitting in cars, just looking out onto the water, watching the sunset. It isn’t your typical family Thanksgiving. I ate a shepherd’s pie in my car, hung around the park, watched the fish and the soccer, and went home when it got dark. It was quite lovely. I thought about things I felt thankful for. I felt like I should, because it is a thanksgiving day after all. I am thankful for my new life. For the love I feel. And for being near the ocean. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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