Not Enough Time To Do What You Love

I always thought of myself as a writer. In the back of my mind I constantly hold an idea of one day being a writer. Only if I had more time, more resources. But when I actually do have free time, do I rush to my laptop and start typing? No. There is always a million of other things to be done. Are those things more important? Not really, no. But I continuously look for something to occupy myself with. To avoid writing. And I tell myself that I have to do those other things because they are on my list, even though I was the one who created the list. Sitting down and writing wasn’t on top of it. And I couldn’t understand why I was doing it.

Didn’t writing matter to me the most? Why do I continuously create this bubble of distraction around me? They say there are many factors contributing to avoiding doing what you dream of. Some of those are:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of attention
  • fear of criticism
  • laziness
  • fear of facing your own emotions.

I complained to my father about being bored, but I also complained about not having enough time to do the “important” things. How can both be true? As Mel Robbins explained, our inner world is united with our outer world through action. Even 5% of time devoted to doing what you truly desire will set a change in motion. When you have a window of free time, whether it’s 10 minutes or half an hour, instead of starting a million little things, it is worth doing just one but “important” activity, the one that’s truly important to you. Because doing something that is worthwhile to you, for even half an hour, will give more meaning to your life than doing anything else all day or all week, and it will start the motion wheels. Those are the wheels of life.

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